Providing first class private treatment for Trauma, Addiction and Mental Health in Central London.

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  • Mandy Salligari

    Mandy Saligari

    Founder, Executive & Clinical Director / Senior Addiction Counsellor

  • Clare Sole

    Clare Sole

    Clinical Co-ordinator / Psychotherapist / Senior Addiction Counsellor

  • Tom Tomaszewski

    Tom Tomaszewski

    Clinical Manager / Writing Therapy / Psychotherapist / Senior Addiction Counsellor

  • Dita Farrell

    Dita Farrell

    Psychotherapist / Senior Addiction Counsellor

  • Zoe Aston

    Zoe Aston

    Addiction Counsellor

  • Tanya Marks

    Tanya Refson Marks

    Addiction Counsellor

  • Madeline Muir

    Madeleine Muir

    Senior Addiction Counsellor

  • Victoria Smith

    Victoria Smith

    Psychotherapist / Senior Addiction Counsellor

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    "The Power of Charter"

    blog tackles engaging, interesting, captivating, thought provoking and sometimes difficult topics in the world of addiction and recovery.

Latest news & programmes

Intensive family workshop
A one week intensive workshop for families and partners on UNDERSTANDING ADDICTION

CHARTER workshops
We run regular weekday and weekend workshops

CHARTER family programme 
Now weekly – at last! 

After hours groups 
Evolved out of successful day care

Trauma related dissociation programme
A 21 week skills training group

Adolescent programme
Help for adolescents

Aftercare programme 
On-going support

A speech by Dr Mike McPhillips 
At a Recovery Awareness Evening held at CHARTER

Welcome to CHARTER – London's leading private outpatient facility for Trauma, Addiction and Mental Health.

CHARTER's service is built on principles of integrity, objectivity and proven clinical excellence. Providing free assessments, and with therapeutic programmes devised to meet your needs and to suit your availability in the day, evening, or at weekends, what we do best is to get you feeling better about yourself, so you can regain control of your life.

CHARTER has a family feel to it, with team members who have known each other and worked together for years. This is not just work to us, we love what we do and more, we are getting significant proven results. Open since 2008, we do all we can to put you and your family on to the road of recovery, at fair and affordable rates.

Our thriving aftercare community is testament to our clinical excellence, as are our proven outcomes measured in terms of abstinence at 62% over 26 months following treatment, twice the national average.  Come to CHARTER, make relapse a thing of the past and reclaim your life.

With testimonials that have been verified by an independent lawyer, our claims are genuine. We are simply not interested in perpetuating relapse, we are interested in Recovery for Life. If you have any doubts, let us introduce you to people just like you, who were where you are right now, considering treatment at CHARTER months or even years ago. Let them tell you what works.

We are dedicated to treatment, therapy and education around addiction, well-being and self-esteem. We have a long standing relationship with The McLellan Practice, world class provider of PSHE lectures in over 400 independent schools nationwide for over 20 years, and regularly provide educational talks and workshops to school children age 13-18, their parents and teachers. 

Now is the time for you to make the leap of faith and let us guide you to enjoy Recovery for Life... us now on +44 (0) 207 323 4970

Mandy Saligari MSc, MBACP FDAP & NCAC (accred)

Clinical Director and Founder