Junk Food - Eating Disorder

At CHARTER we provide specialist, dedicated eating disorder treatment, support and advice.

Many of those who have been successfully treated at CHARTER suffered from an eating disorder for many years. 

Eating disorders can cause enormous physical, mental and emotional damage to a person and should be treated with urgency. 

Eating disorders

Eating disorders develop out of coping mechanisms where food has become a focus for avoiding difficult feelings. Everyone probably has some experience of their relationship to food changing when they are under pressure. Stress and excitement usually lead to differences in an individual's diet. But when eating goes on to become an obsessively controlled, restricting or dis-inhibiting activity, the relationship can be life-threatening. It certainly causes isolation, unnecessary shame and increased conflict in everyone's lives who are close to the person with the eating disorder. How to behave around it is something that you have to learn as it won't come naturally. 

At CHARTER we work with all forms of eating disorder, recognising individual experiences and helping clients learn to recognise the emotional root of their difficulties. We treat Bulimia and Overeating, as well as those seeking further support subsequent to completing primary treatment for Anorexia.

How CHARTER can help

The first step is for you to achieve abstinence. Believe it or not, this is the easy part. The work that follows is essential if you are to develop a sustainable recovery and a healthy way of life. Food is all around you, so you, more than anyone, need to learn self-regulation, how to have a healthy appetite.

This begins with boundaries and bottom lines, and develops into emotional maturity and a strong sense of personal identity and worth. Your care plan will include group work as well as one to one sessions, nutritional support, bodywork and dedicated eating disorder groups. However we also believe that you should not be marginalised or isolated because of the nature of your addictive process and so encourage you to develop your own sense of belonging within a broader recovery community.

Work would include both conscious and unconscious orientated therapies, so that your mind, emotions and physical sensation are all engaged to help you to achieve recovery and regain balance in your life.  We also provide nutritional support, meditation, yoga and acupuncture, all of which combine to ensure you have a successful therapeutic programme that is specific to your needs.

We will work with you and your family, if appropriate and requested, as long as is necessary to ensure a thorough and firm footing in recovery, and a reintegration into your family or social context.

Next steps

Take our helpful questionnaire we have devised questionnaires dedicated to eating disorders which will help you to establish if you are high risk, along with helpful advice on your next best steps. 

See our therapy & treatment options at CHARTER we provide individual, family, couples and group therapy using an integrated approach provided by a team most of whom have in excess of 12 years clinical experience, some of whom have stood where you stand. 

Book a personal assessment this first essential step to successful treatment is a thorough assessment with a member of our clinical team with significant experience working with eating disorders. At CHARTER it is free of charge, and lasts up to an hour. In this session you will feel heard, perhaps for the first time and be able to ask questions and discuss your options and your needs so that you are clear on your next steps at CHARTER, or referred to a more appropriate service.